We are Sofie and Kris, live together with our two kids, chihuahua's and cats in Koersel (Belgium)
When I first saw the Devon Rex I fell immediately in love. I really like their looks, headshape and curly coat. It's a breed with a great and social character.
Our cats are our family members in the first place, they are a part of us. Our whole house is "Cat Proof" and I am honored that I can share my life with this fantastic breed.

From time to time kittens will be born in our small, familiar cattery. We raise our little babys with much care and with all the love they need.
The most important thing for us is health and that's why we test our cats on HCM, PKD, PL, FIV & FELV and also bloodgroup.
We try to do everything we can to breed the most healthy ad social babys out of responsible combinations with low inbreeding en with a type close to the breed standard.